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Laurence Nolan 1832-1908 and Mary Callaghan 1833-1881.

This is a photograph of Laurence and Mary Nolan, the grandparents of my grandmother, Hannah Keogh, who married Arthur McNally. I don’t know who the baby is. The photograph of Laurence and Mary is signed F. Warburton, 96 Brook Street, Reddish. One of their sons, John, was  living in Brook Street, Reddish, Stockport in 1901 with a daughter Mary, two years old. Their daughter, Mary also lived in Reddish in 1901 but  in 1881 they were living in Yorkshire. At number 96 Brook Street there was a family of Warburtons in 1901. 
 Mary died in 1881 and I still haven’t found any connection in Stockport before this date. The Warburtons could be in someway related to the family as the 1911 census has a Warburton as a nephew of Ellen Nolan living with them in Salford.
 Laurence and Mary were born in Westmeath, Ireland. They were in Manchester by 1851 and both of them had their mothers living in Manchester also. Mary’s sister, Margaret, was born in Manchester in 1835 which seems to suggest they left Ireland between 1833 and 1835 and the father died in Manchester.
Laurence Nolan was born in Westmeath, Ireland in 1832. His mother Elizabeth was born in Westmeath in 1803.
Mary Callaghan was born in Westmeath in 1833. Her mother, Mary was listed as age 36 in 1851.
On the 1851 census Mary was living with her widowed mother, Mary, at 21 Short Street, Ancoats, Manchester. Her next sister Margaret was born in 1835 in Manchester as were the other siblings, Patric, 15, 1836, Thomas, 11, Catherine, 5, born 1846.
In 1861 Laurence is married to Mary Callaghan and they have a daughter, Elizabeth aged 5 born in Manchester in 1856. They are living at 12 Short street in the Ancoats district of Manchester with Laurence’s mother and two of Elizabeth’s siblings, Margaret, 26, a factory hand and Peter Callaghan, born 1846 also a factory hand. Mary is working as a factory hand and Laurence is an engine driver.
By 1871 they have moved over to Salford and are living at 5 Weaver Street. Laurence’s mother is no longer living with them and they have a few more children. Elizabeth is 15 and working as a Dribbler at a Cotton Mill. There is also Mary, 6, Ellen (great-grandmother), 4, and John aged 2.
In 1881 they are living at 68 Cavendish Street, Salford. Laurence is 48 working as a stoker and the younger children are at home. Ellen is 14, John is 12 and there is a new daughter, Katherine who is 9.
Mary (b. 1865) married William H. Williams. In 1891 they are living in Manningham, Yorkshire. In 1901 they are living in Reddish, Stockport.
John (b.1869); in 1891 he is living with his sister Mary and her husband in Manningham, Yorkshire, working as a labourer at a Silk Mill. Mary’s husband William is a Silk Plush finisher. John married Winifred Talbot in Stockport in 1898. In 1901 they are living in Brook Street, Reddish, Stockport and their daughter Mary is two years old.
By 1891 Laurence is widowed and living with Ellen (my great- grandmother) who is now married to Matthew Keogh. Katherine Nolan is also there aged 19 working as a bag maker. Laurence is still working as a stoker for a stationary engine driver. They live at 11 Gertrude Street and two children have been born to Ellen and Matthew. Mary is 4 and Hannnah (my grandmother) is 1. Hannah was actually born on 11th November 1888.
In 1901 Laurence is still with Ellen and Matthew and they are living at 13 Ruby Street, Salford. Mary is 14, Hannah is 1, and they now have Philip, Ellen and Laurence.
Laurence died in 1908.


  1. Hi Helen
    I have recently been shown a small part of my family tree and find that Laurence and mary are possibly my great grand parents. matthew Keogh and Ellen Nolan being grandparents. I remember as a child in the early 1950's visiting "auntie Annie Mc Nally" in Salford don't know much else about the family as we lost touch with my fathers family (Daniel Keogh) after he died in 1951.

    1. I have photos of Daniel when he was younger if you get in touch with me I'll send them to you. Helen